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Lunch Conversations with Randy & Teddy

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Sep 22, 2021

Peter Marsh of Flywheel Coworking & Clay Johnson of Greater Winston-Salem.

The conversations today included:

- Nurturing the growth of the Winston-Salem Startup community by increasing access to capital, entrepreneurial resources, and other methods.

- Promoting the already robust Winston-Salem Startup community internally and abroad. To help increase the number of homegrown startups and to recruit non-Winston based startups to relocate.

- Bringing the startup community together in order to push it in a more collaborative direction.

- Increasing community awareness of the robustness of the current startup community and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

- Evaluating and strategizing for the future of Winston-Salem's startup community. In the last 5 years, WS has developed an enviable startup ecosystem supporting both scalable and main street companies.

Flywheel was one of the early players along with the Innovation Quarter. Peter participated in the planning and design of the innovation Quarter with WF Health Sciences.

Now we have over a dozen organizations collaborating and contributing in various ways, along with the Chamber of Commerce.

The quantitative and qualitative company outputs and job creation from these efforts are the future of the community. Everyone can get involved. I would add how the pandemic disruption is changing workplace dynamics in favor of coworking and flexible space concepts as a supplement to work-from-home.

On the entrepreneurship side, the pandemic has caused a surge in founder activity and new company creation. Winston-Salem is well-positioned to benefit.

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